Sliding ramp

Designer: Fitwood

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Color koivu

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Tuohi sliding ramp is a fun and versatile product that is suitable for combining both a climbing arc and Even in our selection of bobbins. There are two sides in the Sliding Ramp, one of which is intended for sliding and another for climbing. 

Easy to use as the product does not require fixed installation. Sliding / You can change the angle of the climbing ramp at your fingertips by placing it on the desired Poland.

Slipping ramp is designed to promote the development of child coordination and motor skills while encouraging the child For free and creative play. Only imagination is the limit to what all the sliding ramp can be transformed - along the ladders little Chicks can rush into their adventures of the day, or rally drivers can compete on who the car drives down the hill the fastest. Together While playing, the child's social skills also accumulate and we can guarantee that boring moments are not with a versatile sliding ramp Certainly come.


Dimensions L120 cm x S40 cm x k5.8 cm
Weight 6.9 kg
Weight limit 60 kg